About us

We are in the professional housekeeping business since 2002, starting with an initial strength of 50 and rapidly growing to the present highly trained team of close to 2000 !

Some  factors for our success story…

  • Our business growth has been mainly through word of mouth by satisfied clients,  rather than advertising.
  • As forerunners, we have vast experience in the field of administration and hospitality.
  • We are managed professionally, adhering to ISO & QHSE standards and have SOPs in place.
  • Clients with whom we started with, at the inception of the company, continue to have a business relationship with us because of our reliable services.
  • Many clients who had left us, because of change of their company management have called us back again.
  • Houskeeping services for Corporate offices,  malls, residential premises, guest houses, are performed by the latest methods and by technically well trained housekeeping personnel,  resulting in a pleasant working environment.
  • We believe in not only cleaning but also in restoring & maintaining the property to its original glory,  much to the satisfaction of clients who have invested substantial funds in their property.
  • Our vast experience and expertise prevent costly mistakes.  For example, in the process of cleaning, many inadvertently actually damage the flooring / glass / walls & washroom areas by using the wrong cleaning process.  (That is why you might find your precious marble floor looking yellow, walls getting discoloured, mirrors becoming stained.)
  • The core principle of the company is to provide value for customers with strict adherence to all statutory requirements.